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Gifts for clients, partners and colleagues

Give all round goodness.


Opening eyes everywhere: Our sustainable gifts make it easy not only to tell your business partners and clients “Thank You”, but to help nature and the environment at the same time. We’ve done our utmost to make these products as climate-friendly as possible. Because it’s high time for us to start looking after the Earth! This is our way to raise awareness and help us all, and your clients, do the right thing.


Our gift service:


Set in stage Your stylish "Thank You" in our sustainable greeting cards, personalised with your company logo.

Made simple We collect addresses on your dedicated landing page – compliant with GDPR regulations, as a matter of course!

On-time delivery We send your gifts anywhere across Europe – stress-free to any home office.

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New best friends – even more fun in the Home Office.


Pfeffer & Frost Food Boxes: With delicious treats, you can create your own unique experience at home. Our Food Box for meetings will surely be a welcome and sustainable gift for clients, business partners and team members anywhere.

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Nudeln machen glücklich (Pasta is our happy food) – for the entire team.


Pfeffer & Frost Event Box: Whether you’re a beginner or a master chef – Our Pasta Food Box has everything you need for a creative and delicious afternoon that will bring your team back together.


Our Christmas bestsellers for clients and colleagues.


Pfeffer & Frost Christmas gifts: Each year at the start of the Christmas season, we present our classic Lebkuchen in a new design. Nuremberg is famous all over the world for its Elisen-Lebkuchen (named for their traditional recipe with a particularly high nut content), and these are probably the best gift any client or colleague could wish for! Our fresh Lebkuchen are baked by hand in a family bakery, wrapped in compostable foil and stored in a beautifully illustrated paper tin. Plastic-free and super stylish!


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