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Mamma knows best: Pasta is our happy food.

Everything was and is different in 2020. The pandemic made us stop and focus on the essential. And what could be more essential than pasta? We couldn’t think of anything, either – that’s why we are so thrilled to have a new product in our shop: a book aptly titled “Nudeln machen glücklich“ (“Pasta is happy food”)!

Few things are needed for the perfect pasta flow: the right utensils, the right flour, a large surface (wood or stone, worktop or kitchen table), maybe a nice glass of wine, and our special tip: good music! Apart from that, all you need is your hands, a bit of strength and patience, and good spirits! You will find all the details in our book.

Cookbook Nudeln machen Glücklich
The two authors Kati & Manu

„Nudeln machen glücklich“ (reading sample – German) gives you the recipes for three basic pasta doughs and 11 pasta food recipes. You will learn how to make 10 different types of pasta only with your hands – no machine required! In addition to the different pasta shapes, Manu recommends the perfect accompaniments, i.e. which sauce, pesto or ragout will go best with each of them. Most of the dishes are vegetarian and some of the pasta is vegan. To top it all off, there’s even a sweet pasta dish for dessert!

Cover Nudeln machen glücklich
Cook Manuel Kohler
Raviolo dough during preparation
Raviolo cutting out
Raviolo during filling
Ready filled raviolo
Basic dough recipe
Tagliatelle al Limone e Scamorza
Tagliatelle dough
Ciecamariti sourdough pasta sugo

Simple but Significant

Our first recipe book is not just full of culinary highlights, but also a pleasure to look at! For foodies, it will be love at first sight with its handy pocket size, the title and beautiful orecchiette shapes laser-cut into the cover, backed with a soft pasta dough yellow. The FSC-certified paper has a high-quality feel and really makes the pictures shine. Natural and unpretentious photos show the process from preparation to ready-to-eat delicacies. The overall design is subtle and highly tasteful – just like the content!

Our partner printing house is located 30 minutes from Nuremberg. The small family-owned business uses organic inks and chemical-free plate development, which saves emissions and water. They also print with 100% green energy, some of which is produced by the photovoltaic system on their own roof. Despite all this, producing paper inevitably causes some CO2 emissions, and that’s why we decided to make a financial contribution to offset the printing of our books. Our payment will support the reforestation and maintenance of mixed woodlands in the Oberallgäu region organised by Bergwaldprojekt e.V.

Proof of all images in the book
FSC certified paper
Mineral oil free ink from Pantone for the single color cover
Printing pallet with four double pages when changing plates
Pressure on the light table
Printer checking the ink application
Checking the ink application on the light table
Printing plates (cyan) after printing
Finished stack of prints
Ready single pages

About the Authors – Manuel Kohler und Katharina Pflug

Food photographer Katharina Pflug and chef Manuel Kohler love their work, and they love pasta just as much. That’s why their first recipe collection is all about this popular and versatile food. Manu’s recipes are down to earth (not literally, most of the time...), developed, prepared and tasted with plenty of love and expertise. Meanwhile, Kathi documents his work in pictures, and once the job is done, they get to enjoy their shared passion: eating good food!

Tubular noodle
Detail view

Pasta types: orecchiette, casarecce, dragon’s teeth, wild mushroom pici, ciecamariti, tagliatelle, gnocchi; stuffed pasta: anolini, red wine ravioli, raviolo with egg yolk; dessert: sweet dumplings with vanilla sauce; basic recipes: flour water mix, flour egg mix

Recipes: Manuel Kohler, Pictures: Katharina Pflug, Portrait: Anika Maaß

Language: German

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Good luck and Bon appetit!

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