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Sources of supply

We've put together some sources of supply, parks and gardens, as well as some producers and healthy tips for the plants we've presented in "Perma Kalender". You can find these sorted by month, just like shown in the calendar. We'll update the list from time to time, so feel free to check it once in a while.


Buy woody plants (witch hazel, winter bloomers), either buy in local nurseries or from nurseries online:



Snowdrops Walks in England

and in Germany

Snowdrop days in Knechtsteden

in Luisenpark in Mannheim

Crocuses as far as the eye can see:

Castle park in Husum


Woody plants (cornel cristae, forsythia), either buy at local nurseries or from nurseries online:

Early bloomers (bluebuds, grape hyacinth, winter bulbs), either buy at local garden centers or directly from growers online:ühblüher/winterlinge-eranthis/

Spring cure with dandelion:äuter&utm_term=loewenzahntee&utm_content=Löwenzahn%20LP


Beautiful garden of Manfred Lucenz and Klaus Bender, not only worth a visit to the daffodil bloom:

Daffodil bulbs can also be bought locally in garden centers or online from many mail order companies or growers. The choice is huge.ühblüher/winterlinge-eranthis/


Old Country:

South Tyrol:

Old apple varieties:ürzburg.pdf

Learn beekeeping:

Wild bees for the garden:

Book by Jasmin Köchl:

Buy woody plants: see January


Elderberry cultivation in Austria

Peonies (Paeonias)

Parks and Gardens:

Buy woody plants (elder): see January


Berries, also for the balcony:

Berries and woody plants:


Autumn anemone:

Buy woody plants (rock pear): see January


Mountain ash fire in Austria:

and herbal liqueur in Fichtelgebirge

Buy woody plants (mountain ash): see January


Walnut Grower:

Grow walnut yourself:

Organic walnuts:

Horse chestnut in medicine:

Buy woody plants (horse chestnut, walnut): see January


Primitive larches in South Tyrol:

Buy woody plants (larch): see January


Christmas roses Grower:

The Christmas roses can also be bought locally in the Advent season in the garden centers and nurseries.

General sources of supply:

For prairie plants that are heat and drought resistant:

The perennial nursery of

Till Hofmann and Fine Molz

A large selection of storkbills can be found at:

Perennial nursery Gaissmayer

An interesting selection of bulbs, such as lady tulips:

Special seeds, e.g. for zinnias and English vetches:

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