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Our Lebkuchen types

Dark Chocolate

Our traditionally baked Nürnberger Elisenlebkuchen are coated with the variety "Dark Chocolate" with tenderly melting dark chocolate. A special celebration for chocolate lovers.

White chocolate

It's supposed to be special? Certainly not usual are our chocolate Lebkuchen, which are refined with white chocolate. A high-quality eye-catcher and a wonderful experience for all senses.


For lovers of sweet taste there is the classic Oblatenlebkuchen (wafer Lebkuchen) refined with icing sugar. We also decorate it with wonderful almonds. A true Honigkuchen (honey cake) splendour.


The variety Nature from the Kloster-Backbuch is the absolute Elisenlebkuchen classic and the most traditional of all varieties of Pfeffer & Frost. It is produced by our baker according to an old custom. Pleasant for all who want to taste the special spice of our Pfefferkuchen (pepper cake, old name Elisenlebkuchen). A really Franconian Lebkuchen speciality.

Our order variants

All our orderable variants contain 5 Elisenlebkuchen from Nuremberg - plastic-free packed in our modern design tins, annually with a fresh illustration. The weight of the 5 Oblatenlebkuchen is approx. 430 grams. Perfect for drinking coffee with a group of friends, as a dessert or simply to snack in the Christmas season. You can buy all our Lebkuchen types online in our shop. If you are a B2B customer and would like to buy a business gift for your customers or business partners, we refer you to further information on our business page.


With our varieties there is something for everyone? That's right! That's why we offer you the whole variety of our Elisenlebkuchen landscape with the variant "Mixed". Included: In each tin, one Lebkuchen of all our varieties for the whole experience of Elisenlebkuchen from Nuremberg.

Tins with one type

For all preferences, we also offer variations that each have only one of our Lebkuchen types in a tin. Example: Five Elisenlebkuchen of the variety "dark chocolate" packed plastic-free in one of our beautiful designer tins. Unfortunately, this offer does not apply to the white chocolate variety, but only to the other varieties in our range.

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