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Can vegan Lebkuchen be tasty? Big time! Our vegan alternative is remarkably similar to the original, thanks to the highest quality organic ingredients, locally sourced wherever possible. They are free from egg white and honey, but of course, vegans don’t have to go without the icing and (dairy-free) chocolate glaze! Whether you’re a vegan or a Lebkuchen connoisseur – try them and let us know your opinion!

Maya Stepien’s Urban Jungle tin design is dedicated to the plants in our life: On our way to work we cycle through green oases, past beehives and flower shops in town, and stop by our favourite barista for a cup of fresh coffee.  

After all five delicious Lebkuchen have been devoured, plant lovers can reuse the empty cardboard tin for collecting seeds for next spring.

Tin – Weight: ca. 350g, 5 Elisen-Lebkuchen: 1x natural/pure, 1x white chocolate, 1x milk chocolate, 1x dark chocolate, 1x sugar icing, size: diameter ca. 12cm, height ca. 14.5 cm

per 100g
Energy: 1966kJ, 470kcal
Fat: 25,8g
of which saturated fats: 2,3g
Carbohydrates: 46,5g
of which sugar: 37,4g
Protein: 10,2g
Salt: 0,4g
hazelnuts*, beet sugar*, water, raw cane sugar marzipan*: (almonds*, raw cane sugar*, invert sugar*, water), spelt flour 630*, whole cane sugar*, ** almonds***, soy flour*, cashew nut*, candied orange peel*: (glucose sirup*, orange peel*), candied Lemon peel*: (glucose sirup*, lemon peel*, sea salt), tartar baking soda*: (maize starch*, Pure tartar*, sodium hydrogen carbonate), lebkuchen spice*: (cinnamon*, Kardamom*, ginger*, nutmeg*, pimento*, carnations*, macis*), cinnamon*, sea salt), ammonium, spelt whole grain baking wafers* (whole spelt flour*, spelt starch*). If covered with fondant*: (raw cane sugar*, glucose sirup*, water). If covered with dark chocolate coating* (cocoa mass*, raw cane sugar*, cocoa butter*). Allergy advice: Contains almonds, soy, hazelnuts, cashew nuts, spelt * from certified organic farming. EU / non EU agriculture

Tin – Organic, vegan Lebkuchen – Maya Stepien

23,90 €

5 Lebkuchen

ca. 350g vegane Bio-Lebkuchen

23,90 €
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Plastic-Free Packaging

Compostable bio-film and a tin made of recycled cardboard

Limited Design

Fresh design by international illustrators every year

Family Bakery

Fresh Lebkuchen for our traditional family bakery in Nuremberg

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