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Sustainable birthday presents
Sustainable birthday gifts

Birthday gift ideas


Happy Birthday

A bouquet of flowers that lasts for weeks? Give your colleague our seed balls filled with native wildflower seeds for the pot in the living room, on the balcony or in the garden. We raise a toast: To biodiversity - with meadow orchard sparkling wine!


For flower children and orchard fans


Orchard product for biodiversity


Recyclable paper and glass packaging


Manufacture products from German craft

Gift box THANK YOU

Thank you

Thank you for being a great team player! As a birthday gift or just like that, let's say thank you to your colleague with a wild bouquet of flowers that will bring long-lasting joy - for your colleague and for the local bees. We raise our glasses: To your team and biodiversity - with meadow orchard sparkling wine.


For meadow kids and tree-huggers


Meadow orchard product for biodiversity


Recyclable paper and glass packaging


Manufacture products from German craft

Gift box PASTA


The boss is a pasta lover, but at home there is only pasta with ketchup? With our in-house pasta cookbook including beeswax wipe for the dough, a pasta evening becomes a haptic and culinary experience for young and old!


For food lovers and hobby chefs


Sustainable printed cookbook


Reusable beeswax wipe


Manufacture products from German craft

"We won't be happy until we have contributed to your success. That's why we not only offer an exquisite product selection, but also a maximum service."

Jannik Zinkl - Management and offers

Portrait Jannik Zinkl - Chief Executive at Pfeffer & Frost sustainable giving.

The most frequently asked questions about our individualized corporate gifts:

We want your gift to be well received - both physically and emotionally. So that your partners, employees and customers associate your company with a positive experience - we say no to junk gifts!

We select gifts for you with a great deal of sensitivity: useful, beautiful and special products, primarily from German manufacturers and start-ups, which act sustainably.

Stylishly branded, your gifts become a special moment of genuine appreciation between your brand and the recipient.

Yes, we are happy to send your birthday gift box directly to the recipient. If you want to distribute multiple gifts directly, we can also send a package shipment to your office. Just as you like.

Sure, besides Germany we deliver to: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden.

Just tell us in which week your gift package should arrive. You will receive a tracking link so that you can see whether it has already arrived.

Together we will decide on the content and the options for customizing your gift box and send it for you. To ensure that the birthday gift arrives on time, you should schedule 2-3 weeks during the year and 3-4 weeks from November (during the Christmas season) from planning to the birthday. With this lead time, your gift will arrive on time.

Let it rain red roses for your employees' birthdays? We are happy to help you.

Here you can send us your request for branded employee & customer gifts. We will get back to you as soon as possible and answer all your questions ...


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All prices include VAT and packaging, but exclude shipping costs and any customs duties (for non-EU countries). Pfeffer & Frost – The gift online shop for traditional and vegan Elisenlebkuchen (sustainably packaged) from the metropolitan region of Nuremberg.