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Elisen & their durability

Most people probably associate Lebkuchen with Advent, Christmas, mulled wine, and so on. Some others enjoy the succulent pastry already from late summer, as soon as the first Elisen have successfully made it to the supermarket shelves. Either way, Lebkuchen delight us for a few months every year. But how long can they actually be stored? Good question! Lebkuchen have an average shelf life of about 3-4 months. The decisive factor is the correct storage of these little treasures. How to store Lebkuchen properly and tricks to make hard Lebkuchen soft again, you will learn here.


Our Pfeffer & Frost Lebkuchen have a shelf life of 4 months from the date of production. For the exact shelf life, please check the best before date on your package of Lebkuchen. In most cases, our Lebkuchen can be eaten for longer. Listen to your sense of smell, sight and taste.

Elises of course taste best when they are very fresh. That is why our small bakeries bake the Elisen for you only from the end of September. Elises should always be stored protected from air and light, so that they do not dry out or become too warm. It is best to store them in a cool place, protected from light, at about 16-18°C.

We pack our Elisen in (compostable) foil. This has a barrier density, which means that the moisture contained in the Elisen can hardly escape. As long as the foil is sealed, the moose will stay fresh and juicy for a long time. However, if you don't seal the elises properly or even leave them completely open, they will dry out and become hard.

If your Lebkuchen has become too hard, it is because it has lost moisture. Ergo, it simply needs to draw some moisture again to regain its juiciness. For this purpose, we have listed 2 safe ways, approved by Pfeffer & Frost team:

Put your Elisen together with a few slices of fresh bread or half an apple in a sealable tin. After a few days, you'll have soft, moist Lebkuchen. It is important that you change the apple or bread slices every 2 days so that nothing molds.

And if you need to make them really quickly, just dip them in your coffee, tea or cocoa and they'll be soft and juicy again in no time, and you'll have the perfect snack for your coffee or tea time.

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