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Superfood Elisenlebkuchen

The Elisen Lebkuchen ingredient list

What would a Lebkuchen be without its spices? In any case, not nearly as delicious! The characteristic spice mixture of our Elisen is composed of cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, nutmeg, mace and allspice. This spice composition gives the elises a lot of health benefits in addition to their excellent taste. This makes them the superfood among Christmas cookies - so enjoyment without remorse is desired!

Elisen Lebkuchen and hazelnuts

Hazelnuts and almonds are for us a supplier of important and good unsaturated fats. Fun fact: Botanically speaking, nuts actually count as fruit.

Cinnamon probably the most important gingerbread spice. Not only is it an absolute must-have for almost every Christmas cookie, but lifehack: it even helps against bad breath and cheese feet.

Cloves contain many antioxidants and can therefore be a natural anti-aging agent. They also have special meaning in many cultures and represent different emotions depending on their color: With red cloves, for example, one expresses love and affection.

**Ginger the superfood par excellence! We know it mostly as a home remedy for colds or as a remedy for nausea. But did you know that ginger can be a real mood booster? The essential oils it contains, which are responsible for its somewhat spicy taste, are translated by our brain into pain, which results in the release of the body's own morphine, which in turn provides a pleasant state of happiness.

**Cardamom is also a true all-rounder with many health benefits and is one of the most expensive spices in the world, along with saffron and vanilla. It is also often used in Arab countries as a coffee additive to make it more digestible.

**Nutmeg is misleading with its name, because it is actually not a nut, but a seed. A pinch is enough for a sweet-spicy and slightly resinous note.

Allspice Who needs 4 spices when you can cover everything with one? Allspice, also known as spice seeds or clove pepper, combines several flavors at once and is reminiscent of a mixture of cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and pepper ("four spice"). It can have a soothing effect on stress and nervousness.

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