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A colorful mixture

The Pfeffer & Frost Lebkuchen varieties

Nowadays, we enjoy Lebkuchen only predominantly during the Christmas season, but in a wide variety of ways.

We at Pfeffer & Frost sell exclusively genuine Elisenlebkuchen in our store. For this purpose, we work together with two small craft businesses in the Nuremberg metropolitan region. Our bakers produce with decades of experience delicious Elisen according to traditional recipes.

Our Elisen

We offer the following types of Elisen Lebkuchen:

Dark chocolate Elisen coated with melting dark chocolate - a feast for all chocolate lovers

Whole milk chocolate* For all those who find dark chocolate a tad too tart, our Elisen are of course also available with a coating of milk chocolate.

**White chocolate Elisen refined with a coating of white chocolate - a real eye-catcher

Sugar icing For the sweetest among us, our Elisen are also available with a classic sugar coating and decorated with the finest almonds.

Nature The most traditional of our Elisen, especially for those who want to enjoy the special spice of our Lebkuchen

*You will only find these varieties in our traditional, mixed assortment of Lebkuchen, not in the vegan assortment.

We package our traditional and our vegan organic Elisen for you in a stylish and modern illustrated tin and in sustainable, plastic-free foil made of cellulose.

Our Elisen Lebkuchen are a popular gift for friends and acquaintances at Christmas time. They are eaten in style with coffee, but also with mulled wine, punch or a strong red wine. Whether as a big gesture or a small gift, they also turn the heads of your employees, partners and colleagues at Christmas time.


In our illustrated paper box as well as in the Elisen bags with paper banderole you will find 5 fresh Elisenlebkuchen in different varieties.

Each package of 5 vegan organic Lebkuchen weighs 390g and each package of 5 traditional Elisenlebkuchen weighs 430g.

Our two bakeries are located in the Nuremberg metropolitan region, but not in the direct Nuremberg city area. Pfeffer & Frost offers handmade, traditional Elisen Lebkuchen - which, however, do not bear the protected geographical indication "Original Nürnberger Lebkuchen".

Of course you can find all our Lebkuchen products in our online store. But we also like to stroll through the city centers and discover new gift ideas. That's why you can also find our Lebkuchen in selected delicatessens and concept stores. On our list you will surely find a Pfeffer & Frost partner store near you.

SAVE THE DATE: During Advent you can also find us live and in color at the following Shop & Chill events:

on December 2, 2022 from 5-8pm at Di Simo, Trödelmarkt 5-7 in Nuremberg. Come by and enjoy together with us homemade mulled wine and of course our juicy Elisen Lebkuchen.
at the Winterkiosk at the Kulturwerkstatt on the AEG site in Fürther Straße 244d in Nuremberg. There we are represented both on Saturday the 3.12, and Sunday the 4.12.2022. Under the motto "Thinking while giving" you will find many special, handmade products of local manufactures.

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