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Our sustainable Elisen Lebkuchen packaging

The Elisenlebkuchen can hardly be made any better, but there was still a lot going on with the packaging:

All Elisen are packaged by us in an environmentally friendly and completely plastic-free way. You have the choice between stylish illustrated Lebkuchen tins made of recycled cardboard and paper from sustainable forestry or our banderole made of letterpress embossed, cradle to cradle certified paper from Germany.

To keep our elises fresh for a long time, they are produced in a compostable film made from renewable plant raw materials (corn starch and cellulose from certified sustainable forestry). The PLA layer inside (made from fermented corn sugar and polylactic acid) safely protects the elises from drying out. This keeps our wonderful Elisen Lebkuchen fresh and juicy.

You've eaten all the Elisen and now what? Throw away the packaging? - Not with us! Click here for cool DIY and reuse ideas for our illustrated Lebkuchen tins.

Good for business: for the B2B market, our designer tins can also be customized regarding your own design, motif or company logo.

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