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Our production criteria

At Pfeffer & Frost, we take our responsibility for resource-saving production very seriously. With every printed product and also all other products, we try to produce as sustainably as possible.

We treat our natural resources sparingly and with respect, and combine this with the development of an economically viable and creative business. For this, we work with partners who are as local and ecologically progressive as possible.

Pfeffer & Frost greeting card
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Paper The used FSC-certified paper convinces with its fine feel and makes our pictures shine. The FSC® seal (Forest Stewardship Council®) guarantees us paper from sustainable forestry.

Bio-printing inks All inks we print with are mineral oil free and plant based. During growth, these plants bind CO2 from the air. Made with vegetable oil or soy, these inks are less harmful to both the environment and the people who use them.

Print Shop Our partner print shop is located half an hour from Nuremberg. This medium-sized, family-run company uses bio inks and works with chemical-free plate development, which saves CO2 emissions and water. Printing is done with 100% green electricity, including electricity from the photovoltaic system on the roof.

Packaging We pack each card in FSC-certified tissue paper for protection against contamination. Our stickers to seal the package are printed on recycled paper.

CO2 Offset Despite all our efforts to save, we cannot produce completely without CO2 emissions, so we have made a compensation payment for the production of our greeting cards. This payment supports reforestation and maintenance of the mixed forest in the Oberallgäu by the Bergwaldprojekt e.V..

Recycling All our greeting cards and packaging components can be recycled. Please simply dispose of parts that are no longer needed in the waste paper.

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All prices include VAT and packaging, but exclude shipping costs and any customs duties (for non-EU countries). Pfeffer & Frost – The gift online shop for traditional and vegan Elisenlebkuchen (sustainably packaged) from the metropolitan region of Nuremberg.