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Too good to go – Saving food

According to the BMEL, 86% of german households dispose food products that are still edible. Here you find products that are no longer in season or whose sell-by date is approaching and which are therefore reduced in price but still delicious.

Perma Kalender (transparent img)

20% SALE

Perma-Calendar28,00 € 35,00 €
Apfel-Quitten-Punsch (transparent img)
Apple and Quince Punch9,03 € 12,90 €12,04 /l
Winzer-Glühwein Rot (transparent img)
Mulled wine, red9,03 € 12,90 €12,04 /l
Winter Rendezvous Filterkaffee (transp img)
Filter Coffee (Beans) (sold out)9,03 € 12,90 €36,12 /kg
Körper, Geist & Seele (transparent img)


Body, Mind & Soul16,90 € 19,70 €
Punsch dich glücklich - Apfel-Quitten-Punsch von Streuobstwiesen aus Dresden und Elisenlebkuchen mit dunkler Schokolade in nachhaltiger Papierbanderole


Punch you happy33,5334,93 47,9049,90
Berliner Winter - Apfelsaft mit Wodka und winterlichen Gewürzen
Berliner Winter5,6014,70 8,0021,00 24,50 28,00/l

Specialized and Cook books

What do our food choices have to do with climate change?

Quite a lot! Buying local and seasonal food reduces the CO2 footprint of our meals. The Perma-Calendar explains climate change in a simple way, and our cook books shows you how to make delicacies from the bountiful harvest of the season.

Nudeln machen glücklich (transparent img)
Nudeln machen glücklich13,90 €
Perma Kalender (transparent img)

20% SALE

Perma-Calendar28,00 € 35,00 €


Make it personal.

Whether you’d like to express your deep gratitude or just say Hi – we’ve got you covered with beautifully illustrated cards for any occasion. Made in Germany, sustainably produced and in plastic-free packaging, they will surely make any recipient smile.

Grußkarten-Set "Pyjama" (transparent img)
Greeting Card Set – "Pyjama"3,9012,90
Grußkarten-Set "Piano" (transparent img)
Card Set – "Piano"3,9012,90
Grußkarten-Set "Tanzpaar" (transparent img)
Greeting Card Set “Dancing Couple”3,9012,90
Grußkarten-Set "Swing" (transparent img)
"Swing" Greeting Cards 3,9012,90
Grußkarten-Set "Blumenstrauß" (transparent img)


Greeting card set " Flower bouquet"3,90 €
Grußkarten-Set "Team No.1" (transparent img)


Greeting card set "Team No.1"3,90 €

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