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Original Elisen-Lebkuchen

They're back: our Elisen-Lebkuchen sustainably packaged.

The Elisen-Lebkuchen, a Christmas classic, has been given a new look. Tradition craftsmanship meets design. An all-round goodness with a soft core and sustainable packaging made of organic film and a paper can. Every year from the beginning of October available at the Pfeffer & Frost Shop.

5 Lebkuchen (transparent img)
5 Organic Lebkuchen in compostable foil15,90 € 40,77/kg
Dose - Cachetejack (transparent thumbnail)


Tin – Cachetejack (sold out)21,90 € 56,15/kg
Dose - Alec Doherty (transparent thumbnail)
Tin - Alec Doherty21,90 € 56,15/kg
Dose - Charlotte Dumortier (transparent thumbnail)
Tin - Charlotte Dumortier21,90 € 56,15/kg
Dose Maya (transparent thumbnail)


Tin - Maya Stepien (sold out)21,90 € 56,15/kg
Mix & Mätch – Lebkuchenbundle (transparent img)
Mix & Mätch Lebkuchen Bundle94,90 € 102,40 €46,98 /kg
4 Gewinnt – Lebkuchenbundle – 4 Vegan Bio-Elisenlebkuchen in Briefbox - Mitbringsel und kleiner Gruß(transparent img)


4 in a Row – Lebkuchenbundle (sold out)19,60 € 70,00/kg


Sustainable goodies for the cold season

Bring the Christmas Market into your home! When it gets frosty outside, we’re getting cosy inside with friends and family. Enjoy sustainably grown coffee and cinnamony „Apfel Stroodle“ granola for breakfast, and our traditional or vegan Elisen-Lebkuchen with a cup of hot punch or mulled wine in the afternoon.  

Winzer-Glühwein Rot (transparent img)

50% SALE

Mulled wine, red6,00 € 12,90 €8,00 /l
Apfel-Quitten-Punsch (transparent img)

50% SALE

Apple and Quince Punch6,00 € 12,90 €8,00 /l
Bienenwachstuch Large (transparent img)
Beeswax wrap Large15,00 €
Nudeln machen glücklich (transparent img)
Nudeln machen glücklich13,90 €
Bienenwachstuch Medium (transparent img)
Beeswax wrap Medium8,00 €
Perma Kalender (transparent img)

20% SALE

Perma-Calendar28,00 € 35,00 €

50% SALE

Non-alcoholic sparkling wine - "Weißduftig" (sold out)6,0011,50 12,0023,00 9,58 15,00/l
Berliner Winter - Apfelsaft mit Wodka und winterlichen Gewürzen

50% SALE

Berliner Winter4,0010,50 8,0021,00 17,50 20,00/l


Make it personal.

Whether you’d like to express your deep gratitude or just say Hi – we’ve got you covered with beautifully illustrated cards for any occasion. Made in Germany, sustainably produced and in plastic-free packaging, they will surely make any recipient smile.

Grußkarten-Set "Pyjama" (transparent img)
Greeting Card Set – "Pyjama"3,9012,90
Grußkarten-Set "Piano" (transparent img)
Card Set – "Piano"3,9012,90
Grußkarten-Set "Tanzpaar" (transparent img)
Greeting Card Set “Dancing Couple”3,9012,90
Grußkarten-Set "Swing" (transparent img)
"Swing" Greeting Cards 3,9012,90
Grußkarten-Set "Blumenstrauß" (transparent img)
Greeting card set " Flower bouquet"3,90 €
Grußkarten-Set "Team No.1" (transparent img)
Greeting card set "Team No.1"3,90 €

Original Elisenlebkuchen

Fresh, soft and made in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region.

Delivered in 6-7 working days

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