Traditional Lebkuchen – Christmas classic in a new, plastic-free guise.

Elisen-Lebkuchen are baked according to a traditional recipe with a particularly high nut content. And this year, they arrive all spruced up – tradition and craftsmanship meet design and good taste. Soft on the inside and sustainable on the outside thanks to the compostable foil wrapping and cardboard tin. All-round goodness!

SALE -25%
Tin - Maya Stepien16,43 € 21,90 €
SALE -25%
Tin – Organic, vegan Lebkuchen – Maya Stepien17,93 € 23,90 €
not avail- able
5 Lebkuchen in compostable foil11,93 € 15,90 €
SALE -25%
Tin – Cachetejack16,43 € 21,90 €
SALE -25%
3 Lebkuchen in compostable foil7,88 € 10,50 €
not avail- able
The organic, vegan Lebkuchen Letter5,63 € 7,50 €

Specialized and Cook books

What do our food choices have to do with climate change?

Quite a lot! Buying local and seasonal food reduces the CO2 footprint of our meals. The Perma-Calendar explains climate change in a simple way, and our cook books shows you how to make delicacies from the bountiful harvest of the season.

Nudeln machen glücklich13,90 €
Cook book + Beeswax wraps Bundle21,00 €
Perma-Calendar35,00 €


Make it personal.

Whether you’d like to express your deep gratitude or just say Hi – we’ve got you covered with beautifully illustrated cards for any occasion. Made in Germany, sustainably produced and in plastic-free packaging, they will surely make any recipient smile.

Greeting Card Set – "Pyjama"3,9012,90
"Swing" Greeting Cards 3,9012,90
Greeting Card Set “Dancing Couple”3,9012,90
Card Set – "Piano"3,9012,90


"With a little help from my friends ..."

The Beatles were singing it, we’re living it! We’ve met many inspiring and innovative companies on our journey so far, and we’ve fallen in love with some of their products. And just like us, our Pfeffer & Friends stand for conscious consuming and a plastic-free future.

Winter Rendezvous Filterkaffee10,71 € 11,90 €
Organic "Apfel Stroodle" granola7,50 €
SALE -25%
Winter Rendezvous Bundle26,18 € 34,90 €
Mulled wine, red12,90 €
Apple and Quince Punch12,90 €
6 Organic Cold Brew Coffee19,00 €
2 Organic Cold Brew – fruity & chocolate notes8,00 €
Organic granola "Peanut Power"7,50 €
Organic granola "Frühsportfreunde" 7,50 €
Beeswax wrap Medium8,00 €
Beeswax wrap Large15,00 €

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