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Make it personal.

Whether you’d like to express your deep gratitude or just say Hi – we’ve got you covered with beautifully illustrated cards for any occasion. Made in Germany, sustainably produced and in plastic-free packaging, they will surely make any recipient smile.

Grußkarten-Set "Pyjama" (transparent img)
Greeting Card Set – "Pyjama" (sold out)3,9012,90
Grußkarten-Set "Piano" (transparent img)
Card Set – "Piano" (sold out)3,9012,90
Grußkarten-Set "Tanzpaar" (transparent img)
Greeting Card Set “Dancing Couple” (sold out)3,9012,90
Grußkarten-Set "Swing" (transparent img)
"Swing" Greeting Cards (sold out)3,9012,90
Grußkarten-Set "Blumenstrauß" (transparent img)
Greeting card set " Flower bouquet" (sold out)3,90 €
Grußkarten-Set "Team No.1" (transparent img)
Greeting card set "Team No.1" (sold out)3,90 €

Say it with style

We help you to choose beautiful greeting cards. You still lack the right words? No problem, that's taken care of too, just take a look at our blog. There we show you different possibilities for an original and loving greeting card text. Because our folded greeting cards are all stylishly illustrated and directly provide a good mood - even if the greeting written on it is not a poetic masterpiece.

For every occasion

Greeting cards for Christmas, birthday cards or simply as a thank-you card – with us you will find the right greeting card including a matching envelope for every occasion. Send Christmas wishes to your grandparents, write funny Christmas greetings to your friends, show your gratitude with a thank you card or congratulate your loved ones with a greeting card for their birthday.

Send Christmas Greetings

Loving Christmas wishes, funny Christmas sayings or poetic Christmas poems - no matter if short Christmas sayings or long Christmas greetings - there is room for all of them on our greeting cards. Send Christmas greetings to your friends, colleagues, family and acquaintances.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly cards

Send environmentally friendly greeting cards. Our greeting cards are not only beautiful, but also little sustainability heroes. They are produced in a print shop in Erlangen with organic inks and on paper from sustainable forestry. The CO2 produced during printing is compensated by reforestation and maintenance of the mixed forest in Oberallgäu.

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All prices include VAT and packaging, but exclude shipping costs and any customs duties (for non-EU countries). Pfeffer & Frost – The gift online shop for traditional and vegan Elisenlebkuchen (sustainably packaged) from the metropolitan region of Nuremberg.