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The Nuremberg Lebkuchen

Did you know that the term "Nuremberg Lebkuchen" is now a legally protected designation? Only Lebkuchen produced in the territory of the city of Nuremberg are allowed to call themselves such! As early as the end of the 14th century, the job title "Lebküchner" (Lebkuchen maker) first appeared in Nuremberg for bakers specializing in the production of honey cakes. From this developed its own guild system.

But how did the Lebkuchen become a real Nuremberg Lebkuchen? Thanks to Nuremberg's favorable geographical location as a hub of European trade routes, spices such as cloves, cinnamon or allspice, which originally came from the distant Orient or India, were already available in the trading city since the High Middle Ages. They have always given Lebkuchen its characteristic flavor notes. The well-developed honey extraction system in Nuremberg also contributed to the success of the tasty pastry. Thus, all the important basic conditions were in place to turn Lebkuchen into the world-famous Nuremberg Lebkuchen that we all know and love today. The Lebkuchen finally acquired its typical shape - round and baked on wafers - when it became the Elisen-Lebkuchen.

Today, Nuremberg is the capital of gingerbread and Lebkuchen manufactories and stores can be found all over the city. Especially at Christmas time, this and of course the famous Nuremberg Christmas market is a great highlight for tourists from all over the world.

Lebkuchen shipping "all over the world

Hundreds of years ago, Nuremberg was already an important trading hub. The city was not only a major transhipment point for exotic luxury goods such as tobacco, coffee, tea, sugar, spices and chocolate, but also developed a strong manufacturing industry. These included, above all, metalworking companies, textile-producing crafts, but also the Lebkünchnerei.

Every year from October we renew this beautiful tradition and send Lebkuchen to you and your loved ones. Want to send your Christmas greetings beyond Germany? Have a look at the list of countries to which we ship to see if our trade routes also lead to your desired country.

Pfeffer & Frost Lebkuchen from Nuremberg

Since our two partner bakeries - the Bäckerei Bock and the Bio-Bäckerei Postler are not located within the Nuremberg city limits, we are unfortunately not allowed to adorn ourselves with the designation "Nuremberg Lebkuchen". But of course, this does not mean that our Elisenlebkuchen from Nuremberg are inferior to the Nuremberg Lebkuchen in anything - quite the opposite! Discover our wide range of sustainable, plastic-free Lebkuchen products: in beautifully illustrated tins, as a vegan Lebkuchenbrief or in various Christmas gift bundles.

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