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For visual and haptic highlights

What’s in the post? You can now send your vegan version of “From Nuremberg with Love”! This postwoman is having a busy Christmas time on our embossed cardboard tin, exclusively designed for us by Belgian illustrator Charlotte Dumortier. And of course, you may personalise the tasty gourmet delivery with your own greetings. 

Made in Germany 

Our delicious Christmas treats are baked at Postler organic bakery in the metropolitan region of Nuremberg. They are wrapped in compostable foil and made with locally sourced ingredients wherever possible – some of our relationships with local farmers have been established for years. 

Organic, vegan ingredients

Our vegan Elisen Lebkuchen is almost indistinguishable from the original. Just like the traditional recipe, the vegan version is made with organic marzipan, plenty of hazelnuts and organic spices. The honey and egg white are replaced by organic sugar beets and soy. But don’t take our word for it – just try them yourself! 

Vegan, lactose-free, vegetarian and free of yeast.

Letter contains: 1 Lebkuchen, ca. 70g, size: 14cm x 14cm, height: 2,5cm

The organic, vegan Lebkuchen Letter

5,63 € 7,50 €

70g Lebkuchen Natur

70g Elisen-Lebkuchen Natur

5,63 € 7,50 €
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Plastic-Free Packaging

Compostable bio-film and a tin made of recycled cardboard

Limited Design

Fresh design by international illustrators every year

Family Bakery

Fresh Lebkuchen for our traditional family bakery in Nuremberg

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