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Our sustainability goals

Our Elisen - regional, fair and artisanal

Long live the craft! For us it was clear from the beginning: Our Elisenlebkuchen should be produced fairly, regionally and above all by small bakeries that literally understand their craft. A cooperation with an industrial producer, where the Elisen run from the assembly line, was out of the question. A really moist dough is usually much too sticky for such machines - the moist gingerbread mass would clog them up. But because we want to bake fantastically moist Elisen and also preserve jobs in traditional crafts, we work with two great family bakeries.

With the bakery Bock and the organic bakery Postler we have found the perfect partners for our business: Both pay attention to regional sourcing of ingredients, as well as the highest quality, and conjure up delicious traditional or vegan Elisen for us in their bakeries every year. We are proud to cooperate with these real traditional bakers!


sustainable plastic free paper Lebkuchen tin

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