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Sustainable, creative and delicious gift ideas for under 25 euros

You are still looking for an unusual gift idea for your family? Then you've come to the right place! Here you will find many cool gift ideas for under 25 euros. Surprise with tasty snacks or delicious drinks. Find the right gift for every occasion.

Sustainable Christmas gifts for the whole family for under 25 euros

Christmas is just around the corner, the whole family gathers and the annual gift-giving madness begins. Wait, stop, but this Christmas stress does not have to be. Pfeffer & Frost helps you find suitable gift ideas for under 25 euros. A punch for the pregnant sister, a sustainable beeswax-cloth for mom, a pasta cookbook for grandma and grandpa. Here you will find useful and tasty gift ideas for the whole family. Would you like a loving Christmas card to go with it? We also offer you a large selection of funny, colorful and artistically illustrated cards for all occasions that as well are sustainable produced and printed.
Christmas is Secret Santa time. We have also provided for this with a varied collection of sustainable Wichtel gifts.

Celebrate together

For all those who like to warm themselves from the inside, we recommend our top mulled wine from Dresden. So nothing stands in the way of an evening together and a good time!
Don't feel like popping corks, prefer winter coziness instead? Then let yourself be inspired by our Christmas Market for Home Collection.

Sustainable gifting

You want to give sustainable and environmentally conscious gifts? Great, we do too! All our products have been carefully selected according to sustainability criteria. Our selected gifts are made in Germany, consist of high-quality ingredients and all pay attention to a low CO2 footprint and resource conservation. This way, you not only make the recipient happy, but also do something good for the environment.

The all-round gift

A little bit of everything: What always goes down well is a small indulgence package, aka food basket, snack basket or snack package. Here I have a little guide for you on what it takes to put together the perfect gift basket:
Step 1: Choose your favorites from a variety of delicious snacks, because what brings people together more than good food?
Step 2: Arm yourself against thirst, choose a drink with or without alcohol or if your package needs to wake you up, a Cold Brew for all you caffeine junkies.
Step 3: Find the right words and immortalize them on a matching greeting card.
Step 4: Present the gift pack to your loved ones.
Step 5: Find a suitable package to fit everything in. Either a basket, package or by all the arts of DIY: grab a shoebox and give it a visual upgrade with pen, construction paper and glue.
Tip: Our Lebkuchen tin is also great as packaging, for little things and tasty treats!

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