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"With a little help from my friends ..."

The Beatles were singing it, we’re living it! We’ve met many inspiring and innovative companies on our journey so far, and we’ve fallen in love with some of their products. And just like us, our Pfeffer & Friends stand for conscious consuming and a plastic-free future.

Nudeln machen glücklich (transparent img)
Nudeln machen glücklich (sold out)13,90 €
Bienenwachstuch Large (transparent img)
Beeswax wrap Large (sold out)15,00 €
Bienenwachstuch Medium (transparent img)
Beeswax wrap Medium (sold out)8,00 €
Perma Kalender (transparent img)

20% SALE

Perma-Calendar (sold out)28,00 € 35,00 €
Apfel-Quitten-Punsch (transparent img)

50% SALE

Apple and Quince Punch (sold out)6,00 € 12,90 €8,00 /l
Winzer-Glühwein Rot (transparent img)

50% SALE

Mulled wine, red (sold out)6,00 € 12,90 €8,00 /l
Berliner Winter - Apfelsaft mit Wodka und winterlichen Gewürzen

50% SALE

Berliner Winter (sold out)4,0010,50 8,0021,00 17,50 20,00/l
Handgemachte Naturseife Porling-Peeling für raue Hände
Handmade natural soap "Porling peeling" (sold out)7,90 € 158,00/kg

Teamwork makes the dream work

Everything is so much more fun with friends! On our start-up journey, we met many innovative-thinking companies and fell in love with their products. Our Pfeffer & Friends share our vision of more conscious consumption and a plastic-free future.

Sustainable Products

Plastic-free, organic, resource-saving, recyclable, reusable, vegan, fair, regionally produced - our Pfeffer & Friends products always combine at least three, but usually many of these criteria.

Friends for all

Our friends are also your friends. Everyone will find what they're looking for in our sustainable product selection. Still looking for treats for your breakfast or vegan breakfast? How about fruity-nutty granola, cold brew coffee or a juice spritzer? For the hobby barista at home we also have a very special winter coffee, fair and sustainably traded and roasted in our Berlin partner roastery. Or have you heard of beeswax- wraps?

Inspiration for a plastic-free life

Have you heard of beeswax wraps? Beeswax wrap are the perfect start for anyone thinking to themselves, "I want to live more sustainably, but where do I start?". The beeswax coated cotton cloth replaces any cling film for food - ideal for example to protect your lunch from drying out plastic-free or to let your cookie dough rise plastic-free.
If you are looking for plastic-free and tasty inspiration for Valentine's Day, let yourself be seduced by our Valentine's Day Collection. There you will find delicious gift ideas for a romantic breakfast in bed and also diverse date ideas for the perfect Valentine's Day!

Live more sustainably

How do you live sustainably? This question is absolutely not easy to answer. Strictly speaking, if you want to live sustainably, you shouldn't buy anything at all. Because no purchase is really sustainable. But no consumption is no solution either. Probably no one can do without consumption, but you can decide how you want to shape it! So if you want to buy sustainable products and environmentally conscious, let us help you and work together on a more conscious use of resources. At Pfeffer & Frost, we do most of the work for you, so you don't even have to scour the entire internet looking for sustainable product and gift ideas. Instead, simply browse our site, add your sustainable favorites to your shopping cart, and get them shipped to your door in completely plastic-free packaging.

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