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"With a little help from my friends ..."

The Beatles were singing it, we’re living it! We’ve met many inspiring and innovative companies on our journey so far, and we’ve fallen in love with some of their products. And just like us, our Pfeffer & Friends stand for conscious consuming and a plastic-free future.

Bio Granola "Frühsportfreunde" (transparent img)
Organic granola "Frühsportfreunde" 7,90 €
Bienenwachstuch Medium (transparent img)
Beeswax wrap Medium8,00 €
Bio Granola "Peanut Power" (transparent img)
Organic granola "Peanut Power"7,90 €
Cold Brew Kaffee (transparent img)
2 Organic Cold Brew – fruity & chocolate notes8,00 €
Bio Granola "Apfel Stroodle" (transparent img)
Organic "Apfel Stroodle" granola7,90 €
Bienenwachstuch Large (transparent img)
Beeswax wrap Large15,00 €
6 Bio Cold Brew Kaffee (transparent img)
6 Organic Cold Brew Coffee21,00 €
Winzer-Glühwein Rot (transparent img)
Mulled wine, red12,90 €
Non-alcoholic sparkling wine - "Weißduftig"12,0023,00
Pomme200 Apfel Quitten Saftschorle


Apfel-Quitten-Saftschorle (Bio)21,00 €
Organic Chocolate Easter Bunny by nucao (sold out)9,0017,50 18,0035,00

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