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Lebkuchen tins

Sustainable, decorative and bloody delicious!

Good taste meets sustainable design. It was important to us to create a suitable high-quality packaging for our juicy Elisen. It had to be sustainable, practical and, above all, tasty: And poof, 4 colorful Lebkuchen tins were born, with annually changing motifs and designed by international illustrators.

Dose - Charlotte Dumortier (transparent thumbnail)


Tin - Charlotte Dumortier (sold out)23,90 € 61,28/kg
Dose - Cachetejack (transparent thumbnail)


Tin – Cachetejack (sold out)21,90 € 56,15/kg
Dose - Alec Doherty (transparent thumbnail)


Tin - Alec Doherty (sold out)23,90 € 61,28/kg
Dose Maya (transparent thumbnail)


Tin - Maya Stepien (sold out)23,90 € 61,28/kg

Old-fashioned was yesterday: Original Elisen in modern design

Tradition is important, but so is innovation. So we thought, why not give the Lebkuchen tin a new shine and make it even better! And poof the artistically illustrated Pfeffer & Frost designer Lebkuchen tins made of environmentally friendly recycled paper were created.

Small works of art – big effect

Our Lebkuchen tins are definitely worth a closer look. Designed by international illustrators, a lot of love goes into the details and each Lebkuchen tin has become a special work of art. So take a moment and discover our colorful worlds and all the characters our jewelry boxes have to offer. But beware: heads could be turned here ...
Also, get inspired for various upcycling possibilities for our tins.

No place for cheat packs

We all know: it's the inner values that count. Our tins convince with around 400g of nuts, marzipan and candied fruit, processed into a fresh Lebkuchen. But still, the outside should not be ignored. Therefore, we rely on environmentally friendly packaging of our Elisen from sustainable and recyclable raw materials. So our canned filling tastes twice as good!

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