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The Pfeffer & Frost Team

Passionate about good food, and committed to sustainability

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Introducing… Elli Elli has always had a sweet tooth, and having grown up in Dresden, design is practically second nature for her. That’s why, luckily, it was easy for Til and Jannik to persuade Elli to co-found Pfeffer & Frost with them. The aim was nothing less than to modernise the Elisen-Lebkuchen, Nuremberg’s famous flagship product! By now, Elli is a partner, visionary and mastermind behind almost everything that Pfeffer & Frost is as a brand. With endless creativity and perfectionism, she constantly produces new ideas and products, each of them a small contribution to making the world a better place. She loves good coffee and food, interesting conversations, and is always looking for inspiration.

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Introducing… Hannes A man of ideas: It was media designer Hannes who, many moons ago, persuaded Elli to co-found a design agency. And in their office in 2018, the new idea conceived by Jannik and Til was not only given a face, but also its name: Pfeffer & Frost. As an indoor rower, Hannes understands the importance of stamina and perseverance. His personal motto is „Be relaxed about stress“ – and those around him benefit from this, as he creates a fun working atmosphere every day.

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Introducing… Chrissi Chrissi was already a team member when our company was still in its embryonic stage – she gave feedback, tasted our Lebkuchen, and helped us package them in true start-up spirit. Chrissi loves to maintain a healthy balance of enjoying food, fasting retreats and physical activity, as staying connected to her body is particularly important to her – no strict rules, just following her gut instincts. She knows that, if you’re enjoying what you’re doing and being appreciated for it, it never really feels like “work”. At Pfeffer & Frost, she is in charge of distribution and communication for our sustainable food and team event boxes.

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Introducing… Jannik What would a company be without a CEO and all-rounder? Jannik is able to quickly spread his enthusiasm for new projects to other people, and his current mission is to make the world a little better with sustainable and delicious food boxes. Pfeffer & Frost gives him the opportunity to keep growing as a person, while always acting in alignment with his values of fairness and mindfulness.

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Introducing… Til Til is a co-founder of Pfeffer & Frost. Although his childhood dream of programming robots didn’t quite come true, he’s kept his enthusiasm for technology alive. He is a passionate cyclist and loves his home city of Nuremberg just as much as travelling to other countries. At Pfeffer & Frost, Til is in charge of automating shipping processes and running our online shop. Cheers to Til for every parcel successfully delivered!

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Introducing… Kathi Kathi is a freelance food photographer in Fürth near Nuremberg and has been a team member since the beginning. She co-created our brand name in 2018, and has been making us look good ever since. She doesn’t only photograph our Lebkuchen, but also writes cook books in collaboration with chef Manuel Kohler. With a lot of curiosity and imagination, she documents and tells stories about food and the people behind it.

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