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Organic, vegan food

Plant-based, organic and tasty – our favourite products for a sustainable diet.

Looking for tasty and sustainable breakfast, treats for your coffee break or party snacks? Whether you are a vegan or aspiring to become one, let us show you the most delicious products from our kitchen shelf!

Dose - Charlotte Dumortier (transparent thumbnail)


Tin - Charlotte Dumortier21,90 € 56,15/kg
Dose - Alec Doherty (transparent thumbnail)


Tin - Alec Doherty21,90 € 56,15/kg
Dose Maya (transparent thumbnail)


Tin - Maya Stepien21,90 € 56,15/kg
Apfel-Quitten-Punsch (transparent img)

20% SALE

Apple and Quince Punch10,32 € 12,90 €13,76 /l
Winzer-Glühwein Rot (transparent img)

20% SALE

Mulled wine, red10,32 € 12,90 €13,76 /l
Mix & Mätch – Lebkuchenbundle (transparent img)


Mix & Mätch Lebkuchen Bundle (sold out)94,90 € 102,40 €46,98 /kg
4 Gewinnt – Lebkuchenbundle – 4 Vegan Bio-Elisenlebkuchen in Briefbox - Mitbringsel und kleiner Gruß(transparent img)


4 in a Row – Lebkuchenbundle19,60 € 70,00/kg

Veganism and vegan diet made easy

Veganism or - vegan diet has never been so easy as nowadays. Everywhere you can now find vegan recipes and inspiration. Vegan cakes, vegan cookies, vegan breakfast, vegan main dishes - nothing is impossible. Pfeffer & Frost also offer you a selection of delicious vegan delicacies. Simple, delicious & vegan.

Myth: Veganism is unhealthy

Vegan is unhealthy? How do I cover my protein needs as a vegan? What are vegan protein sources? Malnutrition due to veganism. These are all statements, which Veganer had to hear already often. But in fact it is not that difficult, if one concerns oneself a little with Veganismus and vegan nutrition. Did you know, for example, that the vegan Peanut Power Organic Granola has almost 14g protein per 100g? Also, let yourself be inspired by our collection vegan breakfast.

Vegan Christmas

We are also prepared for the Christmas feasting season. Whoever thinks that vegans have miss something at Christmas is absolutely wrong. For example, you can get delicious red vintner mulled wine, as well as juicy vegan Elisen-Lebkuchen, free of animal ingredients and lovingly packaged as Lebkuchenbrief. If you prefer it alcohol-free, just reach for the fruity apple-quince punch.

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