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Vegan Breakfast

100% plant-based and delicious – our favorite products for a sustainable start into the new day.

Whether your enjoy your breakfast in bed or on the go, it should be produced sustainably. With our selection of coffee and granola, you can make your most important meal of the day tasty, healthy and variedly.

Bio Granola "Frühsportfreunde" (transparent img)
Organic granola "Frühsportfreunde" 7,90 € 28,21/kg
Bio Granola "Peanut Power" (transparent img)
Organic granola "Peanut Power"7,90 € 27,24/kg
Cold Brew Kaffee (transparent img)
2 Organic Cold Brew – fruity & chocolate notes8,00 € 20,00/l
6 Bio Cold Brew Kaffee (transparent img)
6 Organic Cold Brew Coffee21,00 € 17,50/l
Bio Granola "Apfel Stroodle" (transparent img)
Organic "Apfel Stroodle" granola7,90 € 29,26/kg
Granola Nutbutter Haselnuss-Schokolade
Granola Nut Butter - hazelnut chocolate7,00 € 31,82/kg
Granola Nutbutter mit Cashew, Haselnuss, Mandeln und Salz


Granola Nutbutter Triple-Nut7,00 € 31,82/kg
Bio Granola "Saltcity" (transparent img)


Organic Granola "Saltcity" (sold out)7,90 € 25,48/kg

Vegan breakfast for connoisseurs

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day," said grandma. Whether that's 100% scientifically correct remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: a good morning starts with a balanced breakfast. So grab an Organic Cold Brew and your favorite vegan granola full of high-quality organic ingredients and the delicate sweetness of agave syrup.

Fast breakfast for those short on time

A relaxed breakfast in the morning sounds good, but unfortunately they are not always the reality. However, this does not mean that breakfast should be neglected - quite the opposite! Our Organic Cold Brew Coffee in small, practical glass bottles can be enjoyed easily on the way to work. A quick breakfast to go or your portion of caffeine on the road. And the organic granola also fits perfectly in any (work) bag. A quick, easy vegan breakfast, without preparation, that fills you up, tastes good and strengthens you for a busy day.

Vegan breakfast ideas for the whole family

Imagine it's Sunday and the whole family is gathered around the breakfast table. Here's something for everyone. "No morning without coffee," says Dad, gleefully reaching for our chocolatey Organic Cold Brew. Mom agrees, but prefers the fruity cold brew variety. The kids once again disagree on whether to have muesli with nuts or fruit. No problem, we have the right organic granola for everyone. "Peanut-Power" granola with peanuts and little chocolate chips; "Apple Stroodle" with crunchy apple chips; or the organic granola "Frühsportfreunde", which offers best-of-both-worlds and combines dried fruit with nuts. And for all you sweet 'n salty lovers out there, we recommend the organic granola "Saltcity". Simply enjoy as a topping for yogurt or with your favorite milk(alternative). It's a great way to start the day! Vegan breakfast ideas for everyone, no matter how different their tastes.

The Perfect Breakfast Bowl

Yogurt bowl, granola bowl, fruit bowl, etc. Breakfast bowl ideas abound, but they all have one thing in common: they taste even better with a blob of granola butter on top! The extra crunch for your fruit plate, the flavor boost for your natural yogurt or the finisher for your favorite cereal. Also, switch between Chocolate and Salted Triple Nut so your breakfast bowl never gets boring.

Pimp your sandwich

Instead of a breakfast bowl, you'd rather have a good sandwich? Sure - here we go: The nut butter is also perfect on your favorite bread. Be sure to combine nut butter with some banana slices, apple slices or berries on your sandwich. Sweet, sweeter, nut butter sandwich - for the break or as a sweet snack for in between.

Organ, vegan & good for the environment

Not only tastes good, but is also good for the environment. Completely vegan and plastic-free, as well as made from high-quality organic ingredients and produced in Germany - that's our selection of vegan breakfast ideas. A true taste experience even for non-vegans. By the way, the granola jar is completely recyclable and the Cold Brew bottles are part of the DPG deposit system. Sustainability is that simple and delicious!

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