Traditional Lebkuchen – Christmas classic in a new, plastic-free guise.

Elisen-Lebkuchen are baked according to a traditional recipe with a particularly high nut content. And this year, they arrive all spruced up – tradition and craftsmanship meet design and good taste. Soft on the inside and sustainable on the outside thanks to the compostable foil wrapping and cardboard tin. All-round goodness!

Greeting Card Set “Dancing Couple”3,9012,90
not avail- able
Tin – Cachetejack21,90 €
Tin - Charlotte Dumortier21,90 €
not avail- able
5 Lebkuchen in compostable foil15,90 €
not avail- able
3 Lebkuchen in compostable foil9,90 €
Card Set – "Piano"12,90 €
Greeting Card Set – "Pyjama"12,90 €