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Original Elisen-Lebkuchen

They're back: our Elisen-Lebkuchen sustainably packaged.

The Elisen-Lebkuchen, a Christmas classic, has been given a new look. Tradition craftsmanship meets design. An all-round goodness with a soft core and sustainable packaging made of organic film and a paper can. Every year from the beginning of October available at the Pfeffer & Frost Shop.

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5 Organic Lebkuchen in compostable foil (sold out)16,90 € 43,33/kg
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Tin - Alec Doherty (sold out)23,90 € 61,28/kg
Dose - Charlotte Dumortier (transparent thumbnail)


Tin - Charlotte Dumortier (sold out)23,90 € 61,28/kg
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Tin - Maya Stepien (sold out)23,90 € 61,28/kg
Mix & Mätch – Lebkuchenbundle (transparent img)


Mix & Mätch Lebkuchen Bundle (sold out)99,90 € 113,00 €49,46 /kg
4 Gewinnt – Lebkuchenbundle – 4 Vegan Bio-Elisenlebkuchen in Briefbox - Mitbringsel und kleiner Gruß(transparent img)


4 in a Row – Lebkuchenbundle (sold out)22,00 € 78,57/kg

Elisen from the metropolitan region of Nuremberg

No Christmas without Elisen! You are looking for delicious, juicy Elisen, made according to the rules of traditional craftsmanships in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region? Then you have just found what you are looking for: At Pfeffer & Frost, you'll find juicy traditional and vegan Elisen from a Franconian family bakery in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region. Baked from high-quality ingredients and secret spice mixture, which make our Elisen irresistible.

A real Elise

Elisen are the queens among the Lebkuchen, because not everyone is allowed to adorn themselves with this designation. Elisen must have an oilseed content of at least 25%, so it is required by the law. The noble oilseeds include almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts and as we all know, these are not cheap nuts! Therefore Elisen are also a bit more expensive than "normal Lebkuchen". In addition, in an Elisen belongs much less flour or starch (< 10%). In combination with a secret spice mixture and the fine taste of marzipan and candied lemon peel, the Elise finally unfolds its full juicy splendor. For all fairy tale fans, moreover, the legend to the name of the Elise is a heart recommendation.

The family of wafer Lebkuchen

Elisen-Lebkuchen, white Lebkuchen, walnut Lebkuchen, macaroon Lebkuchen and hazelnut Lebkuchen make up the group of wafer Lebkuchen. Besides the characteristic round wafer, they are characterized by their special dough. The mixture of nuts, almonds, marzipan, sugar, egg whites or eggs, candied orange peel and lemon peel and a small amount of flour results in a soft, sticky dough that can be portioned smoothly onto the wafers. To all history buffs, we've rounded up more fun facts about the history of the wafer Lebkuchen which is only 100 years old.

Elisen for everyone: Our Elisen varieties

Elisen with dark chocolate, Elisen with milk chocolate, Elisen with white chocolate, in natural or Elisen with icing. No matter how you prefer to eat your Elisen, we have something for everyone. We also offer you completely vegan Elisen, free of animal products and yet just as juicy - also in natural, with dark chocolate or glazed with icing. Taste explosion guaranteed!

Sustainable & plastic-free packaged Elisen from Nuremberg

Inside wow and outside too: our Nuremberg Elisen not only taste bombastically good, but also take care of their CO2 footprint. We rely on sustainable, plastic-free organic foil for our banderoles and on environmentally friendly recycled paper as well as organic inks for our Elisen jewelry boxes.

Make new from old: Traditional Elisen in modern design

A revolution on the Lebkuchen market: Elisen in a beautiful Lebkuchen tin, designed by international illustrators. In bright colors our Lebkuchen tin beams at you and turns your head - literally. A real eye-catcher, which is also used after all the Elisen have been eaten: Whether flower pot, pencil box or jewelry box. Let yourself be inspired by our diverse upcycling ideas and become creative as well.

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