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DIYs and ideas for reusing our Lebkuchen tins

All Elisen nibbled - throw away packaging? Please don't! We put a lot of thought into the motifs of our tins: the playful element of the turning heads of our lovingly illustrated characters (the heads of the illustration figures land on other bodies again and again when the lid is turned) are simply fun, even beyond the Christmas season.

Few wintry elements adorn the paper tins, so they look stylish on your shelf even during the year. Re-use is our strategy to avoid waste. That's why we care about using the resources that go into an Elisen package as wisely as possible for as long as possible, and we're thrilled when we can inspire others to do the same!

This is how you give our Lebkuchen tins a second life:

Let's build a tin can phone

How to build a tin can telephone – 02
How to build a tin can telephone – 03
How to build a tin can telephone – 04

All gifts are unwrapped, ribbon everywhere. What next? Don't litter the packaging! Let's build a tin can telephone with the kids!

Already the 17th century, it was known that the human voice could be transmitted to a remote location using a wire. In fact, with the canned telephone, it is possible to transport the sound of the voice over amazingly long distances, if you just do it right. 20 to 40 meters are no problem. In the past, corded telephones were used to cover distances of up to a quarter of a mile– about 400 meters. And you can stand as far apart as your longest ribbon is.

For your tin can phone you will only need:
🥫 2 Pfeffer & Frost gingerbread tins (empty)
🧶 Ribbon (long)
✂️ A pair of scissors

That's how easy it is:
Use your scissors to drill a small hole in the center of each tin.

Thread one end of the ribbon through the hole of the first tin from the outside to the inside. Fasten the ribbon with a knot.

Do the same with the other end of the ribbon in the second can.

Now all you have to do is pull the ribbon tight. One can talk into his can on one side, the other one has to stand apart and cover his ear with the tin and listen.

And did it work for you?

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