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traditional: 2x tin with 430g of Elisen Lebkuchen each
vegan: 2x tin with 390g Lebkuchen each

Here's Elise - so call me maybe. Elisen all eaten up, time to call the DIY special commando and how would that go better than with a tin phone á la Pfeffer & Frost. What you need: Our two Lebkuchen tins Charlotte and Alec, a pair of scissors and a string. Fun for young and old is guaranteed here.

Fun is what you make it
Our tins are real eye-catchers and true all-rounders. Let your or your children's creativity run wild. From Lebkuchen box, pencil box, jewelry box or even tin phone. Nothing is impossible for our designer tins. Goodbye Sunday boredom, instead crafting fun for the whole family is announced. UPCYCLING is written in capital letters for us, because we want you to continue to enjoy the packaging even after you have eaten up your Elisen.

Genuine Lebkuchen craftsmanship & sustainable packaging
Our Elisen are freshly baked for you in traditional family bakeries in the greater Nuremberg area. To keep them as fresh and juicy as possible, they have to be packed well and safely. For this we use a compostable organic film instead of plastic. Plastic-free and sustainable also applies to the stylishly illustrated Lebkuchen tins, which are made from sustainable recycled cardboard.

vegan: 2x Lebkuchen tins with 5 vegan Elisen Lebkuchen (approx. 390g): 2x natural, 2x dark chocolate, 1x sugar icing

Hazelnuts, beet sugar, water, raw cane sugar marzipan*: (almonds, raw cane sugar, invert sugar syrup*, water), spelt flour 630, whole cane sugar, almonds, soy flour, cashew nut, candied orange peel: (glucose syrup*, orange peel*), candied lemon peel*: (glucose syrup*, lemon peel*, sea salt), cream of tartar baking powder*: (corn starch*, pure tartar*, sodium hydrogen carbonate), Lebkuchen spice*: (cinnamon*, cardamom*, ginger*, nutmeg*, allspice*, cloves*, mace*), cinnamon*, sea salt, ammonium, whole spelt wafers* (whole spelt flour, spelt starch). For fondant*: (raw cane sugar*, glucose syrup*, water). For dark chocolate coating*. (cocoa mass*, raw cane sugar*, cocoa butter*).

  • from controlled organic cultivation

100g contain on average:
Energy: 1991 kJ, 476 kcal
Fat: 26,9g
of which saturated fatty acids: 4,7g
Carbohydrates: 47.4g
Of which sugar: 37.5g
Protein: 10,0g
Salt: 0,3g

All Lebkuchen are weekly freshly baked from the end of September and can then be kept for at least 4 months (i.e. until mid-January, but usually longer).

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Im Bundle preiswerter

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Traditional bakery

Baked in traditional family business

compostable foil

Packaged in compostable film made from renewable resources.

Lebkuchen tin, beautifully designed by international illustrators

Yearly changing motif of international illustrators

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Original Elisenlebkuchen

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