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Lebkuchen, Honigkuchen or Pfefferkuchen - Learn all about the centuries-old Christmas specialty.

Lebkuchen from the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region - Your Classics of Traditional Christmas Baking


at Pfeffer & Frost

Sustainably packaged Lebkuchen at Pfeffer & Frost

Our Lebkuchen varieties

for every taste.

The Pfeffer & Frost gingerbread varieties - with icing, white, dark and milk chocolate or nature

The tale of the Elisen

How the Nuremberg gingerbread got its name.

How did the Elisen Lebkuchen got its name?

The Lebkuchen history

Preserved food becoming a christmas classic.

The ancient History of Lebkuchen – from Egypt to Nuremberg

Precious ingredients

Discover our secret spice mixture.

Ingredients in a gingerbread Elisen

Our partner stores

Supporting local retail.

Pfeffer & Frost partner stores and retailers


get creative and recycle your gingerbread tin.

Get created and recycle our Lebkuchen tins. Ideas and craft instructions.

Properly stored

How to keep your gingerbread fresh.

How to store Lebkuchen correctly - Instructions

Our Lebkuchen tins

made of paper.

Gingerbread tins - illustrated and made of paper. A sustainable collectible.

Vegan Elisenlebkuchen

Buy vegan organic Original Elisen gingerbread

Traditional Elisenlebkuchen

Order traditional Elisen Lenbkuchen
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