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What do our food choices have to do with climate change?

Quite a lot! Buying local and seasonal food reduces the CO2 footprint of our meals. The Perma-Calendar explains climate change in a simple way, and our cook books shows you how to make delicacies from the bountiful harvest of the season.

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Our cookery and non-fiction collection: for those who want more

Whether you want to plant your backyard sustainably or process your rich tomato harvest from your balcony. There's something for everyone in our Cooking and non-fiction book Collection. Learn how, when, and where to easily sustainable gardening and build your vegetable patch. What climate change is, how you can monitor it, and what you can do about it in small ways. A great gift idea for him and her or even for children - simply for all who want more than 0815 and are looking for gifts with meaning.

Pasta makes happy - especially if it is homemade

Whether beginner or professional chef, our Noodles Make You Happy cookbook is a true enrichment for every pasta lover or just anyone who likes to look beyond the spaghetti-with-ketchup plate for once. Handmade pasta from your own kitchen - an aesthetic as well as tactile pleasure. Two simple basic pasta doughs and detailed instructions for various pasta shapes make it possible. 11 varied recipes - such as red wine ravioli, gnocchi or tagliatelle - bring delicious pasta variety directly to your home in your kitchen. And it gets even better: this book is printed on sustainably sourced paper with organic inks, packaged completely plastic-free, and carbon offset. " What to give as a gift?" was yesterday. Don't give boring gifts anymore, but give with joy, taste and meaning - no matter if gifts for her, him, grandma and grandpa, the parents or the best friends.

Bundle: pasta dough, kept fresh in a chic beeswax coat

Imagine it's Pasta Sunday and you're kneading your dough, because after all, only pasta fresca is the real deal. Now you want to let your pasta dough rest. Probably your first intuition would be to reach for the classic plastic cling wrap - but there is an alternative to plastic wrap! Use a reusable cloth made from organic beeswax instead. Made in Germany, in a small Dresden factory, by hand and with a lot of leisure. Not only does it keep your pasta dough or other food fresh as well as your snacks, but it also looks much nicer than the single use plastic wrap.

Perma Calendar: Mindfulness and sustainability for your garden

Create your own little sustainable biotope on your own balcony, in the garden or on the terrace. In harmony with nature, you and your Perma Garden Calendar create a true paradise for insects, animals and plants. But what blooms when, when do I sow what and when is the best harvest time for my fruit and vegetables? All this and much more is explained to you in the perma-calendar with many sustainable, climate-friendly gardening tips. Of course, this book is also printed on sustainable recycled paper with mineral oil-free organic inks and bound and packaged plastic-free.

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