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Become a climate helper with the Perma calender and learn how you can easily integrate climate protection and sustainability into your garden.

Climate change affects us all and we can only stop or mitigate it together! For this, every (even the smallest) contribution counts and this can start right outside your door, your terrace or your balcony. How does that work, you ask? The answer and many valuable tips for sustainable, natural gardening can be found in our perma calendar.


Strawberries only taste really good in the summer, pumpkins belong in the fall and winter, and asparagus is your absolute spring soul food? We agree - seasonal fruits and vegetables simply taste the best! Just as seasonal shopping makes an important contribution to sustainability, so does seasonal gardening. That's why it's worth knowing the signs of nature so that you don't miss the ideal starting point for planting your flower bed, vegetable patch or herb patch.

Ecosystem for flora and fauna.

Of course, a sustainable garden or ecosystem in general also includes (larger and smaller) animals. The perma calendar therefore also gives you great ideas on how the small inhabitants can feel at home in your garden and settle there. In exchange for food and living space, they protect your plants from pests or ensure through fertilization and pollination that your green oasis blooms again next year.

Sustainability from inside and outside

Not only does this garden planner offer you lots of exciting tips for climate-friendly gardening, but the calendar itself is made from environmentally friendly materials. Locally printed on recycled paper with mineral oil-free organic inks and, of course, wrapped in plastic-free tissue paper.

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