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5 tips on how you can successfully garden sustainably this year

The "green thumb" consists of attention and attention, so it says at least a gardener wisdom and also has absolute raison d'être. But, in order to help your own gardening happiness perhaps a little more on the jump, you will find in the Permakalender also some exciting tips & tricks for successful gardening. As a small foretaste, we have already picked out 5 smart and simple tips for sustainable gardening for you below.

#1 Use pointer plants

"January, February, March, April - the annual clock never stops." Remember that familiar nursery rhyme? Even as a child, you realized that the seasons have a tremendous impact on plant life. But how can I tell when spring begins or fall ends? So-called indicator plants can be of great help to you. Did you know, for example, that blooming snowdrops are considered to be the messengers of early spring? Or that mountain ash and elderberry herald the beginning of autumn? Of course, you can find many other useful indicator plants for each season in the Permacalender.

#2 Seed proof

You reap what you sow. That's why when choosing your seeds, opt for organically produced and seed-stable from the start. Organic means that no pesticides were used in the breeding and propagation process. Seed-stable seeds also allow you to get a reproducible crop from the seeds every year. This is how you counteract the highly bred "plant uniformity" that results from the use of F1 hybrid seed.

#3 Meadow instead of lawn

One of the biggest gardening myths is to assume a lawn is low maintenance. Quite the opposite, in fact! It needs to be mowed, fertilized and watered regularly. Every weed, no matter how small, immediately catches the eye, and there's no getting around regular scarifying. You have to have that much time first. Our tip: Meadow instead of lawn. This not only saves you a lot of work and time, but also provides an attractive habitat for a large number of important insects. And besides, a meadow also looks much more natural and lively!

#4 Lizards & Insect Paradise

Have you always wanted to see lizards? Then why not bring them into your garden? All you need is a sunny spot and a pile of stones. Add a few alpine plants or houseleeks and you have the perfect lizard paradise.

#5 Successful wintering

Every year you face the same challenge. "What is the best way to overwinter my plants?" It's quite simple with perennial plants and herbs, because all you need to do is cut them back, and so that they don't die of thirst, you should water them on dry and frost-free days. What you should also not forget are the corresponding plant pots. To prevent them from freezing through, you can wrap them in jute bags padded with leaves, for example.

You are curious and want to get a first insight. Then we recommend our blog posts on the topic "Growing plants properly" and "The Ice Saints".

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