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What makes our perma calendar so special: seasonal calendar, annual calendar & garden planner in one

The perma calendar is a garden planner, non-fiction book and birthday calendar all in one - a true all-round package. Oriented on the structure of the phenological calendar, it invites you to observe and document.
For every single day, you can note your observations, note findings and immortalize temperatures and weather. And not only for 1, not for 2, but for 3 years. So you can easily compare climate & conspicuities over the years. In addition, the calendar offers you enough space to note other special events, such as the birthday of your loved ones, or even when you planted which plant or sowed seeds.

Documentation with the perma calendar
Plant knowledge and gardener tips


Our perma calendar is based on the structure of a phenological calendar. Phenological seasons - unlike astronomical or calendar seasons - are not nailed down to a specific date. Instead, they are different year after year, depending entirely on the onset of developments in the natural world around them. The background colors of the selected indicator plants are also adapted to the phenological clock: Blue in winter, various shades of green in spring, a fiery red summer and finally autumn in selected shades of yellow, orange and brown.

Beautiful pictures and poems
The phenological annual calendar

Gardening fun for everyone

You don't have a big garden of your own? That doesn't matter! The Perma calender offers you a perfect blueprint for climate- and insect-friendly gardening, even for your small garden, your balcony, your backyard or your patio with a raised bed. And even if you don't have a garden of your own, you can simply go exploring outside in your favorite city park or in the forest and then write down your observations and discoveries.


For many, gardening is a relaxing way to switch off, find peace or even a form of meditation. In harmony with nature, the Permacalender invites you to consciously perceive and discover your surroundings. Let yourself go on this little journey and find out what sustainable gardening means to you.

Even more inspiration

Get a first impression and discover our blog posts on planning and redesigning gardens and balconies, written by Permacalender author Sabine van Osenbrüggen.

... Planning a new garden ... redesigning an old garden ... Sustainable balcony planning

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