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The Lebkuchen tin

Sustainability in progress: Our decorative tins

Here at Pfeffer & Frost, we’re very serious about taking responsibility and saving resources. All our print products and packaging are produced as sustainably as possible, which also includes the question: What happens after all the Lebkuchen have been eaten?

We treat our natural resources with the utmost respect, while at the same time building a creative and economically viable company. One way of doing this is to collaborate with local and environmentally conscious partners, wherever possible.

Lebkuchen tin Maya Stepien with Lebkuchen outside
Tin during production process

Our Illustrators

We treat our illustrators fairly, which also means that we don’t do design contests. Being Creatives ourselves, we see pitches as both demotivating and a waste of money. We prefer to come together as a team each year, to choose a theme and an illustrator, and then to give them total freedom to create in their own style. In 2021, Maya Stepien has inspired us with her humorous and modern portfolio. Her exclusive design shows her magical vision of a green city.

The Theme

Our designs are deliberately timeless without obvious Christmas references, because we want the decorative cardboard tins to be enjoyed all year round: for example to store spices or collect seeds or notes. Of course, you could also put next year’s Christmas cookies in them, or a present for a friend. Anything goes!

The Paper

Our tins are made from recycled and FSC certified papers, which save resources and have a beautiful, natural feel.

FYI: The FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) seal guarantees paper from sustainable forestry.

The Production

Our tins are produced in Saxony, around 3.5 hours from Nuremberg. The medium-sized, family-owned company has been making high quality tins for 25 years, while also upholding stable, fair employment and inclusiveness.

The Packaging

We ship our products in unprinted boxes made from recycled cardboard. Different sizes are available depending on the number of tins you order: For 1˗2 tins we use individual boxes, glued together where necessary to save material. Bigger orders from 4 tins are shipped in a large box with inserts to stabilise and protect the products inside. Even our packaging tape is made from recycled paper, not plastic!

Re-Use and Recycle

The production of each new tin and box requires valuable resources like cellulose, water and energy. That’s why the most sustainable thing you can do is to re-use them for gifts or packaging.

If you really can’t re-use them, they are of course fully recyclable – simply put tins and packaging materials in the household paper/cardboard recycling

Coming soon...

Much of our packaging can already be produced with related CO2 emissions offset. Unfortunately, not all producers are currently able to offer this, but we are persistent in asking questions and offering our support. As you may have seen, we print many of our products with organic, plant-based inks, and we are working on this for our tins as well.

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All prices include VAT and packaging, but exclude shipping costs and any customs duties (for non-EU countries). Pfeffer & Frost – The gift online shop for traditional and vegan Elisenlebkuchen (sustainably packaged) from the metropolitan region of Nuremberg.