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The Pfeffer & Frost founding team presents sustainable deals

Let us convince you too and secure our exclusive Lebkuchen deals from the Höhle der Löwen Christmas show. Whether traditional or vegan, small or large investment, our pitch meets every taste. Indulgence, modern design and sustainable packaging go hand in hand at Pfeffer & Frost.

Mix & Mätch – Lebkuchenbundle (transparent img)


Mix & Mätch Lebkuchen Bundle (sold out)99,90 € 113,00 €49,46 /kg
Mini – Lebkuchenbundle (transparent img)
Mini - Lebkuchen Bundle (sold out)26,40 €
Traditionelles Duo – Lebkuchenbundle (transparent img)
Traditional Duo – Lebkuchen Bundle (sold out)41,00 €
Veganes Duo – Lebkuchenbundle (transparent img)
Vegan Duo – Lebkuchen Bundle (sold out)43,40 €
4 Gewinnt – Lebkuchenbundle – 4 Vegan Bio-Elisenlebkuchen in Briefbox - Mitbringsel und kleiner Gruß(transparent img)


4 in a Row – Lebkuchenbundle (sold out)22,00 € 78,57/kg
Punsch dich glücklich - Apfel-Quitten-Punsch von Streuobstwiesen aus Dresden und Elisenlebkuchen mit dunkler Schokolade in nachhaltiger Papierbanderole
Punch you happy (sold out)47,9049,90
Dosentelefon Bausatz – Lebkuchenbundle (transparent img)
Tin Duo Lebkuchenbundle (sold out)47,8049,80
5+5 Lebkuchenbundle mit 5 Elisenlebkuchen in Papierbanderole und 5 Lebkuchenbriefen – Kleine Geschenke für den Postboten, die Kindergärtnerin...
5+5 Lebkuchenbundle (sold out)58,00 €
5 Elisenlebkuchen mit dunkler Schokolade in Papierbanderole und umweltfreundlicher Bio-Folie. Plastikfrei
Dark temptation Lebkuchenbundle (sold out)35,0037,00

A product that convinces

To stand up to the tough scrutiny of investors, you need a convincing product and a promising concept. With our juicy Elisen in sustainable, modern packaging, we enter the lions' den. We tell you how everything went in our report Our first TV appearence

No mass-produced goods

Here we still do it by hand: Our Elisen don't just come off the assembly line, but are lovingly and carefully baked by two Nuremberg family businesses, and you can taste it! Juicy, delicious and baked in the metropolitan region of Nuremberg - convince yourself and try our Pfeffer & Frost Elisen Lebkuchen in the variety of your choice.

You can invest too

It's your turn: by investing, you're doing something good for yourself, for small and medium-sized craft businesses, and for the environment. Indulge your taste buds with our juicy traditional and vegan Elisen. At the same time you support the traditional bakery trade and the environment is also protected: To keep our Elisen juicy, we use packaging materials made from sustainable, renewable raw materials - plastic-free.

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All prices include VAT and packaging, but exclude shipping costs and any customs duties (for non-EU countries). Pfeffer & Frost – The gift online shop for traditional and vegan Elisenlebkuchen (sustainably packaged) from the metropolitan region of Nuremberg.